Private lessons

All Levels
In person & Online
60 minutes
Class Type
Private class

About the lessons

They are ideal if you want to learn or practice your Spanish in a relaxed environment and with direct attention from the teacher.

Together we will assess your strengths and weaknesses, and your learning style. Then I will prepare a personalized action plan for you and your own study calendar.

Plus, you’ll have resources to work with when you’re not in class.

All courses follow the study plan and content of the CEFR.


Focused on communication

You will speak Spanish from the first class

Dynamic and visual learning

Level test

Grammar, vocabulary, uses of language and cultural content


1 clase 60 min: 720kr
10 classes 60 min: 6500kr


 Susi (Mariaje)

ELE teacher (Spanish as a foreign language) and Hearing and Language teacher. Passionate about communication in any of its forms.


Class schedule

Cháchara Schedule

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¿Eres or estás?

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¿Hablaba o hablé? (Pasados)

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