¿Eres or estás?

Minimum A2
In person & Online
120 minutes
Class Type
Special workshop

About the workshops

Do you try to speak in Spanish but you always have doubts about the uses of ser and estar? Or with the past? Do you have nightmares with the subjuntivo? Do you want to learn to use the most frequent idiomatic expressions in Spanish? Check our calendar of events. We have monographic workshops on different topics that will help you perfect your command of Spanish and eliminate these little big doubts that generate insecurity.


What a difficult language! “Es bien” or “Está bien”? “Soy bueno” or “Estoy bueno”?

At some point all Spanish students have had problems with ser and estar. If you need some tricks to know how to use them correctly, this is your course. In a single day I will give you some tools and advice so that you know how to use them and we will also practice their main uses.

Single day workshop

Minimum level: A2

Material included

Prices and duration

Duration: 2 hours (with pause)
Price: 350kr


 Susi (Mariaje)

ELE teacher (Spanish as a foreign language) and Hearing and Language teacher. Passionate about communication in any of its forms.


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