Spanish for retired people

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In person & Online
90 minutes
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Group class

About the lessons

I have a group of Spanish students +70 that I adore. They are the ones who opened my eyes to the benefits of learning languages when you retire and want to stay active. For all this I have designed a special course focused on people +65.


You keep your mind active and have something to do for the rest of the week.

You have an excuse to socialize with a group of people like you once a week.

You practice what you already know and advance at your own pace so you can use your Spanish when you are on vacation.

Watching series and movies in Spanish is justified to practice the language.

Grupos reducidos de mínimo 4 alumnos y un máximo de 8.

Practical classes

Individual, pair and group activities.

Level test

10 weeks

90 minutes per week


Face-to-face class: 2300kr/course + material
Online class: 2100kr/course + material


 Susi (Mariaje)

ELE teacher (Spanish as a foreign language) and Hearing and Language teacher. Passionate about communication in any of its forms.


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