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About the lessons

This club is aimed at the youngest members of the family. Boys and girls up to 12 years old who have Spanish as their mother tongue. Maybe they go to their mother tongue classes at school or maybe they don’t, that’s fine. Coming to the club means learning and practising Spanish while playing. We will speak Spanish all the time while exploring our creativity. We will emphasize reading and writing reinforcement when they are ready.

All courses follow the syllabus and contents of the MCERL


Children up to 12 years old.

Playful, dynamic and educational sessions.

Learning through reading and writing activities.

The organisation of the timetable and prices will be finalised once we have received the request from the families.


 Susi (Mariaje)

ELE teacher (Spanish as a foreign language) and Hearing and Language teacher. Passionate about communication in any of its forms.


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