About Cháchara

What is the meaning of Cháchara?

How fantastic are those moments in which you are chatting naturally and relaxed or catching up with your friends or simply enjoying the moment of talking, right? That is “estar de cháchara”. Simply “to be chatting” or “testar de palique”, as my mother or grandmother would say.

For me it is also the memory of confidences with my cousins ​​when we were teenagers. It’s also those endless conversations during trips. Lately, it’s those WhatsApp audios that look like a podcast.

Ultimately, I love to chat. I love communication in all its forms. And how easy it is to converse in your mother tongue, right? But how difficult it seems in the language you are learning. How great it would be to be able to converse fluently and naturally in order to integrate into the culture of that language… Well, this is the purpose of Cháchara.

Personally, I will help you gain that much desired and necessary confidence with which you can relate and chat in Spanish without fear. Te animas?

Who’s behind Cháchara?